Kol Hane'arim


This past Simchat Torah, the beautiful Tallit
that Sisterhood prepared for the Kol Hane'arim Aliyah was used.

People in shul were wowed by how nice it was
as they watched our beautiful children join in the final Aliyah.

Many thanks to all those who participated
and helped make the Tallit such a success!


Thank you also to those who worked on this project  - 
Barbara Berger, Sima Schall, Frema Sobel and Shelley Paradis -
and a special thank you the the Schall Family for sponsoring the Tallit.

If you missed seeing your child's/grandchild's name this year and would like to make sure they are included next time, please fill in the attached form and drop your check off at the office
or fill in the online form below. Each name is $36 and this can include the first, middle and last name.
We will be adding names of the summer.


For further information, please contact the office at etzchaim@etzchaimnj.com.

Please use the Hebrew keyboard at the right of each name box to fill in the names that you would like to have stitched on the Tallit. If you need help with the spelling, please contact Shelley Paradis at shel4p@aol.com or Rabbi Klibanoff at rabbiklibanoff@gmail.com


Sun, February 18 2018 3 Adar 5778