Welcome to Congregation Etz Chaim - A Warm, Modern Orthodox Synagogue in Livingston, NJ

Congregation Etz Chaim of Livingston is more than a house of prayer and of Torah study, it’s our shared home. Etz Chaim is a warm and loving place of Jewish continuity and spirituality, a center of meaningful Jewish life. We are powered by our shared commitment to tradition, Halacha – Jewish law, and the State of Israel. Whether you go to shul every day or only once in a while, you belong here. You’re a member of our family.

Davening Times

Friday | June 14
8:12 pm | Candle Lighting
7:00 pm | Mincha

Shabbat | June 15
Parshat Nasso 5784 
8:30 am | Shiur (Rabbi Sonnenschein)
9:00 am | Shacharit
Shabbat Derasha will be given by Rabbi Sonnenschein
9:12 am | Z’man Kriat Shema
7:40 pm | Pirkei Avot Shiur (Rabbi Sonnenschein)
8:10 pm | Mincha
9:21 pm | Shabbat Ends

KIDDUSH FUND – SPONSOR A SHABBAT KIDDUSH (Remember to check availability on the calendar first)


Sunday | June 16
8:00 am | Shacharit
6:40 pm | M/M

Mon – Thurs | June 17 – 20
6:45 am | Shacharit
6:40 pm | M/M


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