Etz Chaim Welcomes You to Join Us for Shabbat & Weekday Services

As per Governor Murphy’s directive, the indoor mask mandate for NJ is no longer in effect. This means that all fully vaccinated individuals can sit in Shul without a mask if they choose. Those who are not (yet) fully vaccinated should still wear a mask indoors. We have done a great job collectively as a community to get us to this point. We thank you for your continued compliance and support throughout these last many months.

Fri | Dec. 3
4:12 pm | Candle Lighting
(Chanukah candles should be lit before Shabbat Candles)
4:05 pm | Mincha
Shabbat | Dec. 4
8:30 am | Rabbi’s Shiur
9:00 am | Shacharit
9:26 am | Zman Kriat Shema
4:10 pm | Mincha
5:15 pm | Shabbat Ends
Weekday | Dec. 5 – 10
9:00 am | Shacharit | Sun – GRIN BAR MITZVAH
4:15 pm | Mincha/Ma’ariv | Sun
6:45 am | Shacharit | Mon – Fri
6:45 pm | MA’ARIV ONLY | Mon – Thurs*
*We have moved to our winter schedule. We will have Ma’ariv only on Mon – Thurs evenings at 6:45pm. Mincha/Ma’ariv services are held at Suburban Torah (85 W. Mount Pleasant Ave., Livingston) this week at 4:15pm.

Special Prayer For the Protection of Humanity from Coronavirus

For women to say after candle lighting. Prayer can be found HERE.