Youth Programs

Meet Our Youth Directors

Miryam and Jacob Schwartz

Jacob and Miryam Schwartz moved to our community from Boston, MA where Jacob was receiving his degree in Comparative Religion from Harvard University before beginning a career in asset management. Miryam recently graduated from Stern College with a degree in neuropsychology and plans to continue her studies and become a nurse. Together, they have spent the last few years working with youth and teens through NCSY on the West Coast and in the Greater Boston community. In their spare time, Jacob and Miryam love being outdoors, working on DIY home improvement projects, road trips, and board games. Between the two of them, they have lived in 4 continents, 4 countries, 8 states, and countless cities. Having spent time all over, they truly know the value of an amazing community and can’t wait to contribute to the special community here at Etz Chaim!



At Congregation Etz Chaim we have a thriving and exciting youth program for kids of all ages!

We constantly have fun, engaging and educational activities, including:

  • We actively synergize with NCSY with several teen programs. All classes are open to students in grades 8-12, and pizza and pastries are always served. Classes are free and open to non-members. No classes in July or August.
  • Our yearly chesed collaboration with the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA)
  • Inclusive Shabbat programming for our youths from the moment they start to walk to the moment they walk out the door for college, starting with our fantastic Tot Shabbat program, continuing with our engaging Junior Congregation, and ending with our impressive Teen Minyan (where you’ll find the best Chulent in New Jersey :).
  • Our Youth Department always has something in the works, be it our out-of-this world chagigahs, Youth Fantasy Football League, uplifting chesed shabbatons, guest speakers, basketball games, Saturday night activities- the list goes on and on.

Youth Activities

Weekly Shabbat Activities

  • Tot Shabbat with Morah Debbie- 10:15 am
  • Junior Congregation- 10:15 am
  • Teen Minyan- 9:45 – Full Minyan with Torah Reading

Chesed Activities

  • Bingo with the Seniors at Daughter of Israel
  • Purim and Chanukkah with Seniors at Federation Housing
  • Yachad Shabbaton
  • JRA Relief Agency


  • Fantastic Chagigot for Purim and Chanukkah
  • Year Round Activities for Children of All Ages