Men’s Club

The Etz Chaim Men’s Club was created to foster comradery and enhance friendships throughout the Shul community. 

We host a number of programs throughout the year that enables our members to share quality time together and get to know one another a little better. Some of the exciting programs that we host throughout the year are:

  • Steak and Scotch with the Rabbi – A dinner that we host at a local steak house where we get to spend quality time with the Rabbi while enjoying a great meal and stimulating conversations.
  • Super Bowl Boxes – Makes watching the Super Bowl a little more exciting.
  • Men’s Seder Night – This is a special night that the men in the community get together and enjoy a catered dinner while the Rabbi teaches us how we can enhance our Seder night at home or away and take it to the next level. What makes this night even more special is that each member donates either money, food or clothes to those in need.  There is nothing like a fun night with a little bit of Chesed mixed in.
  • Annual Golf Outing – There is nothing better than a bunch of friends spending a beautiful day together enjoying a round of golf.  We start the day off with a wonderful catered lunch and then we head off to the first hole. Whether it’s a little Schnapps on the 4th hole or some Chulent on the 9th hole you never know what the next hole has in store.  The day is closed out with a dinner and a special ceremony during which prizes are handed out.  It is truly an amazing day that has become a staple of the Men’s Club for the past 12 years.

The events that we hold throughout the year are great.  The friendships that are created are priceless.  We welcome all new members and anyone that wants to be part of this special family.