Etz Chaim Welcomes Community Scholar, Erica Brown, Shabbat Parshat Vayigash

December 11, 2021    
All Day

Friday | Dec. 10

4:12 pm | Candle Lighting

4:15 pm | Mincha

Following Ma’ariv there will be a light kiddush in shul

with a shiur from Erica Brown:

“Writing an Ethical Will”

*Kids program will run concurrently led by Miryam and Jacob.


Shabbat | Dec. 11

8:30 am | Shiur with Erica Brown on the topic:

“Identity and Revelation in the Parsha”

9:00 am | Shacharit

Following Shacharit, Erica Brown will speak in the Limmud format on the topic:

“I Can Do Hard Things: Managing Challenges the Jewish Way”

9:31 am | Zman Kriat Shema

4:10 pm | Mincha

5:15 pm | Shabbat ends